The eligibility allows to proceed to a complete evaluation of the customer's eligibility.

Upstream of the payment processus, the eligibility allows to estimate the trust level attributed to a payment request by a customer. This involves a statistical processing of historical data related to customer orders. The eligibility is possibly reassessed using information contained in the National File of Personal Credit Repayment Incidents (FICP).
The eligibility returns a token needed to proceed to the payment processus.
The pre-eligibility and the eligibility are calculated independently of each other. It is therefore essential that all data sent as part of the pre-eligibility is returned to the eligibility step, including any additional fields. The only exceptions will be the fields intended to control customer registration. The following data is therefore optional in the pre-eligibility: Name of birth, Department of birth, Date of birth. As a reminder, the requestId field must be identical during the 2 calls.

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