Global workflow

Regardless of the integration method and the payment method, the workflow remains broadly the same:

1 - Authentication

All services must be called with an internal token issued by Authenticate.
This token has a limited lifetime of 48 hours. The merchant must have a valid login/password to obtain a usable token.


The identification token is valid for 48H. It is not necessary to renew it for each call.



The merchant is responsible for his accounts/passwords and the use he makes of them.
In case of an error (non-existent merchant login or wrong password), the web service raises an exception.

2 - PreEligibility (OPTIONAL)

Subject to customer information and consent (workshop to be conducted with your account manager)

The PreEligibility consists in making a first evaluation of the customer by omitting several data (year of birth, postal code of birth, name of birth).

This method can be used to condition the means of payment to the customer.

3 - Eligibility

Eligibility is necessary before the payment is called. This method allows for the checking of customer eligibility for Floa Pay payment methods.

If the customer is eligible, the method returns a token to be used during the payment call.

4 - Payment

The payment can be implemented in several ways (see chapter Integration modes).