It is possible to make several eligibility requests in a single call to the PreEligibility and Eligibility methods for the same merchant_id.

This system can be useful if you want to test the eligibility of a customer on several payment methods (3X and 4X for example) to show him the payment methods he is eligible for.

To do so, insert a list of merchantSiteIds in the path parameters.

Example of a calling URL with several merchantSiteIds :,7481


If you test multiple eligibilities in a PreEligibility, you will only be able to call Eligibility with one merchantSiteIds. The reason to this is that you must link the Eligibility request to the PreEligibility by using the requestId of the PreEligibility in the Eligibility. And this requestId is linked to a single merchantSiteIds.

Example: If you make a PreEligibility for a 3X payment and a 4X payment. You will only be able to call Eligibility for the 3X or 4X but not both.
In return for the PreEligiblity or Eligibility service, you will get an eligibilities object by merchantSiteIds