Order cancellation



Do not use the CANCEL OR REFUND service but the UPDATE ORDER service described in this chapter to proceed with the partial or total cancellation of an order.

It is possible to cancel an order totally or partially.

If the new amount of the order is inferior to the amount charged to the client, Floa will reimburse the client directly for the excess amount. Future installments will be canceled.

The cancellation is done by calling the UpdateOrder method.



  • It is not possible to cancel an order dating back more than a year.
  • It is not possible to partially cancel a 10X order.
  • If a partial or a total cancellation occurs when an installment is being debited (between D-6 and D+1, D being the due date), the service will answer OK and the cancellation will only be processed on Floa side when the installment has been paid (i.e when the funds are captured).
  • In the case of partial cancellation, Floa fees will not be refunded to the customer even if a second partial cancellation totally cancels the order.
  • When you request the total or partial cancellation of an order, there is no way to cancel this cancellation request.

To make a refund, the following information must be available at the time of the request (i.e., this data must be stored in your system to be retrieved) :

  • MerchantID
  • MerchantSiteID
  • ScoringToken

These data allow us to find the order reference in our system and to proceed with the cancellation/refund.

It is possible to make several successive partial cancellations for the same order.

Be careful when several calls to the UpdateOrder method are made for the same order, it is necessary to update the OldAmount field accordingly.


OldAmount is the amount of the order without fees. This is the amount you sent as input to the Eligibility method.


The call must be made in POST REST, body in JSON

Calling URL :

Call Content :

ContextContext of the callNode
MerchantIdMerchant IDInteger(10)
MerchantSiteIdMerchant site IDString
SecurityContextCall securityNode
DomainRightsListNot used in this context: put nullNode
IssuerIDNot used in this context: put nullString
SessionIDNot used in this context: put nullString
SubjectLocalityNot used in this context: put nullString
TokenIdSession token obtained when calling AuthenticateString
LocalizationLocation of the callNode
LanguageLanguage usedEnum
CurrencyCurrency used for the amount (=EUR)Enum
CountryCountry codeEnum
DecimalPositionPosition of the decimal separator (=2)Integer
VersionVersion of the payment platform used (=1.0)string
updateOrderRequestMessageCancellation detailsNode
OrderRefUnique merchant reference orderString(30)
ScoringTokenValid scoring token (returned by the Eligibility method)String(30)
OldAmountOld order amount in cents (without fees)
Value presale_folder/raw_amount sent when calling Eligibility for a first-order cancellation
NewAmountNew order amount in cents. Must be less than OldAmountInteger

Example of a body (for a total cancellation) :

    "headerMessage" : {
        "Context" : {
            "MerchantId" : 38,
            "MerchantSiteId" : "7017"
        "SecurityContext" : {
            "DomainRightsList": null,
            "IssuerID" : null,
            "SessionID" : null,
            "SubjectLocality" : null,          
            "TokenId" : "cce001dea981446bb2d18141015d3cad",
            "UserName" : null
        "Localization" : {
            "Language": "FR",
            "Currency" : "EUR",
            "Country" : "FR",
            "DecimalPosition" : 2
        "Version" : "1.0"
    "updateOrderRequestMessage" : {
        "OrderRef" : "123",
        "ScoringToken" : "365861cb35124911a56cb0cddc3d4176",
        "OldAmount" : 12345,
        "NewAmount" : 0


OrderRefUnique identifier that defines the customer's order.string(30)
OrderTagNot usedNull
MerchantIdMerchant IDint
MerchantSiteIdMerchant's site identifierstring
ResponseCodeCode of the responsestring
ResponseMessageMesssage of the responsestring
ScheduleInformations about the intallmentList of ScheduleItem

For each installment (ScheduleItem)

RankNumber of the installment
AmountNew amount
Exponent2 (Always 2)
Currency978 (=EUR)
Authority4 (Always 4)
StateNew state
0 : TO CAPTURE (Installment to collect)
2 / 10 : PAYED (Installement collected)
4 : REFUSED (Debit refused)
5 : CANCELLED (Installment cancelled)
CapturedAmountAmount captured
RemainingAmountAmount to be captured
CancelledAmountAmount cancelled (will not be captured)
RefundedAmountAmount refunded to the customer

Example of a response (for a partial cancellation) :

    "UpdateOrderResult": {
        "OrderRef": "1647963153",
        "OrderTag": null,
        "MerchantID": 38,
        "MerchantSiteID": "7017",
        "ResponseCode": 0,
        "ResponseMessage": "Request was successfully processed",
        "Schedule": [
                "Rank": 1,
                "ScheduleDate": "2022-03-22",
                "Amount": 21849,
                "Exponent": 2,
                "Currency": 978,
                "Authority": 4,
                "State": 2,
                "Transactions": null,
                "CapturedAmount": 21849,
                "RemainingAmount": 0,
                "CancelledAmount": 0,
                "RefundedAmount": 0
                "Rank": 2,
                "ScheduleDate": "2022-04-21",
                "Amount": 116,
                "Exponent": 2,
                "Currency": 978,
                "Authority": 4,
                "State": 0,
                "Transactions": null,
                "CapturedAmount": 0,
                "RemainingAmount": 116,
                "CancelledAmount": 0,
                "RefundedAmount": 0
                "Rank": 3,
                "ScheduleDate": "2022-05-21",
                "Amount": 21848,
                "Exponent": 2,
                "Currency": 978,
                "Authority": 4,
                "State": 5,
                "Transactions": null,
                "CapturedAmount": 0,
                "RemainingAmount": 0,
                "CancelledAmount": 21848,
                "RefundedAmount": 0
                "Rank": 4,
                "ScheduleDate": "2022-06-20",
                "Amount": 21848,
                "Exponent": 2,
                "Currency": 978,
                "Authority": 4,
                "State": 5,
                "Transactions": null,
                "CapturedAmount": 0,
                "RemainingAmount": 0,
                "CancelledAmount": 21848,
                "RefundedAmount": 0

Cancellation service return codes

  • responseCode 0 or 4: the cancellation has been received by our service and should therefore be considered as OK on your side.
  • responseCode 1 or 2: the cancellation is refused, there is no problem, it means that the cancellation can't be processed. To understand the refusal, it is possible to look at the responseMessage.
  • response Code 3 or 5: technical error. The cancellation cannot be processed due to a technical problem. The responseMessage can help to understand where the problem lies.

Return messages from the cancellation service

0Request was successfully processedSuccessful cancellation
0Schedule item is being processed. The request will be processed laterRequest received, schedule will be updated later, no additional action required
0Litigation with this order. Manual processing pendingDispute with this order. The request is received and will be processed later, no further action required
1Request could not be processedAn error has occurred in the processing of the cancellation. Contact Floa technical support
1The order is too old, its amount cannot be updated anymoreThe order is too old to be refunded with the UpdateOrder service. If you wish to reimburse the customer, the reimbursement will have to be made by your own means
1New amount can't be bigger than old amountThe new order amount must be expressed in cents (without fees) in the NewAmount field and cannot be greater than the value in the OldAmount field (old order amount)
1This order is not entitled to partial refundOrder is not eligible for a partial cancellation (10X order)
1MerchantId or MerchantSiteId are invalidInvalid MerchantId or MerchantSiteId
1Old amount does not match the order amountThe old order amount must be expressed in cents (without fees) in the OldAmount field and must correspond to the remaining amount for the order
1Invalid order ref : Unknow commandOrderRef invalid, order unknown
1Merchant site identifier unknownMerchantSiteId unknown
1Merchant identifier unknownMerchantId unknown
1Missing merchant site identifierMerchantSiteId is missing
1Missing order referenceOrderRef is missing
1Missing token refThe scoring token corresponding to the order is missing
1The new amount can't be lower than 0The new order amount (NewAmount field) cannot be less than 0
1No schedule is in pendingNo payment schedule has been found for this order
1The order has already been refundedThe order has already been canceled
1The provided scoring token does not match the scoring token used for the orderInvalid scoring token, it does not match the token used for the order
1No schedule item foundNo installment found
2Request could not be processed due to bank refusalRefund refusal from the bank
3Missing order schedule rankPayment schedule does not exist for this order or this couple merchantId/merchantSiteId
4Request will be processed laterRequest taken into account, schedule will be updated later, no additional action required
4Another Update Order Request is already running for the same order refOrder cancellation is already in progress
5Message depends on the technical error encouteredAn error occured in the processing of the cancellation. Contact Floa technical support