Reconciliation file details

The file is named 'aaaammjjhhmmss _ MerchantSiteId _JustCpt.txt' with

  • yyyymmddhhmmss is the timestamp of the file
  • MerchantSiteId is the code of the merchant

Structure of the file data

MerchantOrderID;X(30)Merchant Order ReferenceCommunication key
IDT-ENR;X(30)Record identificationidentification of the type of record
Credit: " DEB-Déblocage" corresponds to the amount paid out to the merchant for the order
Debit: " COM-Commission" corresponds to the fees retained by Floa
If there is an order cancellation:
Debit: " EXT-Extourne” corresponds to the amount retained
DT-COMPTA;9(9)Date of the eventDate of settlement or refund event
MT-BRUT;9(9)V9(2)Amount paid out or withdrawnAmount paid out or collected for the event
SENS-MVT;X(1)Movement directionMovement direction
C: Credit
D: Debit