Testing the 10X

Here is the information you will need to conduct your 10X tests:

  • The call to the Eligibility method must be made with the title, birth name, last name, first name and date of birth of a valid ID card. These data will be checked at the time of the verification of the NIC in the 10X path (if necessary, Floa can provide you with a test NIC)
  • The order must make an existing mobile phone number to be able to receive the SMS which contains the validation code of the contract
  • After the payment, you are redirected to the 10X process, authentication is requested, here is the connection information:
    Login: provided by Floa
    Password: provided by Floa
  • When uploading the ID card, please use the front and back scans of the ID card with the same information as sent in Eligibility
  • When asked for income and expense information, indicate a maximum income and minimum expenses.