Validate authentication AND authorize / payment

The payment3DSecure is done in three steps.

**Step 1** Using the POST Method available, you can check the enrollment of the card that will be used. Remember to take note of the merchantId, merchantSiteId and orderRef you are sending, as well as the paymentRequestId you receive. You will need them again in step 3. Also please take note of the parameter values you receive in the response, as you will need them in step 2.
**Step 2** Then, you need to create and send a form for the user to validate the 3DS part of the card validation. We have provided you an example for the form (see below). Simply replace the placeholder values for the parameters you received.
**Step 3** Finally, you can proceed with this PUT method to finish the payment. Replace the placeholder values of the merchantId, merchantSiteId and orderRef with the values you sent in the POST method, and the paymentRequestId with the value you received from said POST method.
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